Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lakes are firing!

I have mostly been fishing small streams this week but from what I hear the Rotorua lakes are pumping out fat trout like nothing else. Reports are coming in of big fat 5lbers during the day on anything from heave and leaves to smelt patterns and several 10lb fish coming from lumos fished at night. This is only going to get better as the winter goes on so plan a trip down there and make the most of this awesome fishery.

I will be out of action for a week or so but I look forward to hearing the late season adventures when I return. I will definitely be hitting up the Rotorua lakes after that for a spell and maybe even trying to snag some early winter Trevally on the fly.

Until next time, here is a clip to keep your blood temperature up. Posted originally at, this vid has some stunning Tarpon action as well as images of warm, sunny and tropical climates. These beasts are definitely on my to-do list!

Tampa Bay Beach Tarpon on Fly 6/11/12 from FishbuzzTV on Vimeo.

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