Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Too much good weather to be on the internet...

Just got back from spending a week in the far north and although I had a great time, the wicked easterly prevented any salty fly action. Before I left Rotorua stream mouths were firing and at night time holding silly amounts of big fat 2kg fish. I think we landed close to twenty one night, I love it when you lose count. Small doll flies seem to do the trick and keep them well lit up. Anyway, I'm off to make the most of summer and I will report in when I do get to fling some more flies.

And although it's a bit late, here is Hank's holiday message.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well another year has come and gone and the past couple of weeks have seen me spend far too much time eating ham and drinking beer instead of casting bugs and stripping buggers. I have still managed to get out a few times so stay tuned for a few photos.

This reason for this post is merely because it was high time I did something that made me want to get out on the water. There's nothing like trawling through fly fishing videos to get one inspired and seeing as it's summer time I though I would share this awesome video. These guys a quite a few clips scattered about and they are all pretty awesome. Makes me want to head the beach with my new Scott 10wt...

Also best of luck to (and some jealous abuse to) local guide Paul McDonald of Waikato Fly Fishers. Paul has just left for Patagonia for 3 weeks to catch a few fish. He was telling me at the pub the other night how the reports from Jurassic Lake weren't good as in their effort to catch 25lb fish, the local guides were getting pestered by 15lbers. Poor bastard...

Also, stay safe on the roads at this time of year, as they are generally more dangerous than any river.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New FTFF Vid

I have been sitting on this footage for far too long so I decided to pull my finger out and get it online. Only bad thing about editing these videos is that it just makes me want to go fishing more! Enjoy. Remember to watch on Vimeo for full HD, the budget does not include a Plus subscription at the moment!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hank with a (serious?) message

The latest episode of the Hank Patterson saga is still hilarious but touches on a serious and important message.

All jokes aside, conversation, I mean conservation is something that all fly fishermen should feel passionate about. Whether it be preserving our wild fish stocks, preserving the environment in which they live or even preserving our legal right to access our fisheries, we are all affected by this. It also happens to be us that make all the difference to these matters. This can be done by fishing responsibly, leaving everything as you found it and also maintaining good relationships with farmers whose land you cross (a 6 pack of beer generally gains you unconditional access for life). 

The fishing has been really good locally. There are plenty of anglers on the water this time of year so remember to be courteous and use the etiquette of the river. To avoid this, search for a piece of undisturbed water and don't tell anyone! 

Good luck out there. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

GEOFISH released!

The boys at Motiv Fishing (formerly of Trout Bum and Fish Bum fame) have released their first DVD in a series that promises to be absolutely awesome. Below is the trailer for the Mexican leg of their journey and is is available on DVD and Blu-Ray here. My copy is on order!

GEOFISH Trailer from MOTIV FISHING on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hank is back...

Just thought I would take a moment to share this. Hank Patterson has to be the benchmark for all fly fishing guides out there. Wader manufacturers could take note as well!

Monday, 12 November 2012

I can fish again!

Exams are now over and so I can finally get some fishing done and from all accounts, there are fish everywhere right now. I'm hearing great reports from the Waikato small streams as well as the Taupo rivers. I managed to get out locally just once during exams but had plenty of hard fighting little bows on both nymph and dry. The new Hot Butt PT's and Hare and Coppers from Manic Tackle Project have been working a treat early season, particularly if the water is a little high and dirty. 

I'm also keen to get into some summer lake fishing at some stage. Maybe I'll just go live at Lake O for week...

Anyway, best of luck out there and I'll see you on a river (or lake) soon. I'm also sitting on a lot of sweet unedited stillwater footage so expect to see a new vid soon.