Friday, 7 September 2012

This weather is getting old.

It may seem like a I spend most of my time on here having a cry about the weather. The fact remains that this has been an absolutely shocking start to the spring in terms of pleasant fishing weather. If you do want to get out and brave the wind and rain, some absolutely stellar report are coming in from the Tongariro. I heard at work today that one gentleman managed to snag fifteen fish in the bridge pool one morning. While the size of fish hasn't been outstanding, the condition and sheer number of fish in the river is very encouraging. Might have to plan a trip soon...

In the meantime, opening is less than a month away so renew those licences and tie those flies because come October 1, it's every fisherman for himself.

I don't think I have shared this video yet but if I have I make no apologies, it's pretty awesome.

Fly Fishing is a Joke from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

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