Monday, 8 October 2012

Dodgy weather, good fishing

Well, she's been a rough old opening. Nothing like some gale force winds the sort the men from the boys in terms of casting ability. Admittedly I have been in the trees a few times due to that unexpected 50kph gust.  There has been a bit of rain too but not enough to make the rivers too filthy to fish.

What this has given us is some weather that is challenging to fish but still fishable. More importantly, the fair weather fishermen have been put off, leaving streams that haven't been fished for months for the most hardcore of fly fishermen.

This has provided some awesome small stream fishing with good sized fish that haven't seen any pressure and are keen to eat most standard flies put in front of them. Small black flies combined with a patterns with a bit of sparkle and flash has worked well especially in coloured water.

This fish made me re enact a scene from a River Runs Through It. Although I wasn't quite as graceful going down the rapids as Brad Pitt and ended up smashing my knee on a rock, I had a bloody good time doing it.

Anyway, get out there and get amongst it. The weather isn't going to too flash for while so its best to just bite the bullet and get out there. The first fish will get rid of any doubts about whether you should be out there or not.

Stay tuned for a new video from FullTimeFlyFisher #openingday


  1. No photo? Which fish?

    1. Somethings gone wrong. ill upload the pic after work nick