Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hank with a (serious?) message

The latest episode of the Hank Patterson saga is still hilarious but touches on a serious and important message.

All jokes aside, conversation, I mean conservation is something that all fly fishermen should feel passionate about. Whether it be preserving our wild fish stocks, preserving the environment in which they live or even preserving our legal right to access our fisheries, we are all affected by this. It also happens to be us that make all the difference to these matters. This can be done by fishing responsibly, leaving everything as you found it and also maintaining good relationships with farmers whose land you cross (a 6 pack of beer generally gains you unconditional access for life). 

The fishing has been really good locally. There are plenty of anglers on the water this time of year so remember to be courteous and use the etiquette of the river. To avoid this, search for a piece of undisturbed water and don't tell anyone! 

Good luck out there. 

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