Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well another year has come and gone and the past couple of weeks have seen me spend far too much time eating ham and drinking beer instead of casting bugs and stripping buggers. I have still managed to get out a few times so stay tuned for a few photos.

This reason for this post is merely because it was high time I did something that made me want to get out on the water. There's nothing like trawling through fly fishing videos to get one inspired and seeing as it's summer time I though I would share this awesome video. These guys a quite a few clips scattered about and they are all pretty awesome. Makes me want to head the beach with my new Scott 10wt...

Also best of luck to (and some jealous abuse to) local guide Paul McDonald of Waikato Fly Fishers. Paul has just left for Patagonia for 3 weeks to catch a few fish. He was telling me at the pub the other night how the reports from Jurassic Lake weren't good as in their effort to catch 25lb fish, the local guides were getting pestered by 15lbers. Poor bastard...

Also, stay safe on the roads at this time of year, as they are generally more dangerous than any river.

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