Monday, 9 April 2012

Downtown Browns

Had an awesome day exploring some new water with the old man today. Plenty of fish although nothing huge, on the dry fly. Also had a bit of fun while testing out my new Airflo Switch setup from Manic Tackle Project on the Waikato river in Hamilton. First cast hauled in a nice little brown. The fly fishing in urban areas gets overlooked and it only gets better as the weather gets colder. Swinging a big black woolly bugger can be surprisingly productive.


  1. Awesome. I've ben looking @ one of these airflow 8wt set-ups for $500 here in Queenstown. on a smaller brown like that, does one lose fight feel?

    1. Hey Nick. The rod definitely doesn't take away from the fight of a smaller fish. While it is an 11 foot rod it is important to remember it is still an 8 weight. The extra length helps a lot when playing a fish as you get a lot more leverage, especially when trying to turn them around which is important in strong current. With my setup I use either a 5 or 10 foot extra super fast sinking Airflo poly leader and these cast pretty nicely as well as sink a fly in pretty swift current. Been one of my better buys so far. Cheers.

  2. OK. Are you using a floating line or what? :D

  3. Yeah man floating line (Airflo Forty Plus extreme distance, real fat taper on it) and just bang the sinking tip leader on the end of that. It's important to remember that the longer the rod, the easier any roll or spey casting with these leaders becomes.