Friday, 25 May 2012

Tough Turangi...

Spent the day on the Tongariro today and found the going exceptionally tough. This could be just me though, I still have a lot to learn about fishing this river it would seem. While some of the locals has said fishing was hard at the moment (taken with a grain of salt because I know how local fishermen protect their haunts) I did see one old chap strolling back to his vehicle with 3 fat bows.

The lower river seemed to have more action in terms of fish willing to take a fly with buggers and egg sucking leeches getting hits when swinging the switch rod, or UV caddis patterns for a nymph option when the sun was just starting the creep onto the river. Upper river was holding a few fish but they did not want a bar of anything so more time was spent below the bridge.

 Still a good day out and first trip down there for the winter. I will be back for revenge on the fish and also the river itself. I managed to hook a fish in the fading light but it pulled off after about ten seconds. I then lost my balance in the river and recovered but not in time to save my Oakley's falling off my head and drifting off to Lake Taupo...... Double f***.

On a brighter note, best of luck to the New Zealand Fly Fishing team, the 'Silver Flies' as they have just arrived in Slovenia for the 2012 World Fly Fishing Championships, beginning 22. Any comp away from home is a tough ask but I'm sure the boys will do us proud.

Visit the Silver Flies Facebook page here for updates from the guys HERE

Or visit the Sport Fly Fishing New Zealand website here for more info on the competitive scene HERE 

If you aren't enjoying the cold, pretend it's summer and watch this epic vid. Rising fish..... Mmmmmmm

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