Saturday, 21 July 2012

I haven't been fishing.

One of the best things about starting this blog is that it forces me to get outside and go fishing in order to keep what I say fairly relevant. I am therefore not so happy to report that this will be the first week since the creation of this blog that I have NOT been fishing. In a week marred by high flows, illness and other such factors, I have not been able to get out at all.

The Tongariro area reports good fish but hard fishing after the rain we had which put a 600 cumec flood through Turangi. This surprises me although I think the lower river would be the best place to go right now.

For the Rotorua region, you had to get in quick. The fishing in the rain and immediately after was great but is slowing down again. A buddy of mine fished amongst the heave and leavers at Rotoiti and although they claimed the fishing was hard, these reports need to be taken with a ten kilo bag of salt! These old boys are expert wool pullers.

So I have been watching internet fishing videos, tying flies and reading articles. I have even been doing the odd bit of uni study. Yesterday I was officially grumpy that I could not get to the water. Even as I sit at my computer and write this while drinking a cold beer, I sit and wonder what could have been in the past week.

However, it has dawned on me that it is these frustrating moments of real life that make the fly fishing all the more appealing. Too often I have blurred the line between fishing and real life. For me and I'm sure plenty of others, fishing is a chance to escape real life and just get outside and not think about anything but yourself, your cast and that fish that keeps following your bloody fly but won't eat it (week before last) Not having fished for well over a week, the next time I go fishing will be amazing, regardless of the result. I will just be pleased to get out there and do something which I enjoy.

So the next time you are at work or can't go fishing for whatever reason, just tell yourself you are racking up enjoyment points. The more of these points you get, the more you will appreciate and enjoy the time you do get to spend on the water. I find it makes things just a bit more bearable.

During my internet travels I have found this. Enjoy!

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