Monday, 30 July 2012

Miserable, just miserable.

To the people who managed to go fishing on the one fine day we had in two weeks, congratulations. The rest of us have been braving the elements to go fishing. I did this a couple of times but my efforts were rather unsuccessful however it sorted out the fishing withdrawals I was getting. (Random movements of the casting arm, hearing fish tailing in a quiet room, etc) The one positive that can be taken from this atrocious weather is that when the rain stops the spawning fisheries should be firing, or so I'm told.

Being miserable and staying inside has never been so good though. Plenty of sport on the TV with the Olympics, the Chiefs winning and I'm actually getting a fair bit of Uni work done. And we are getting ever closer to October!

To supplement your already packed TV schedule, here is a little treat. The full DVD can be purchased from Fish City for $39.99. Enjoy.

a BACKYARD in NOWHERE official HD trailer from Sellfish Media & Smatis Film on Vimeo.

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