Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer can't come fast enough...

I was flicking through some photos of my trip down to National Park in February and although I do appreciate the winter version, fly fishing is certainly a summer sport. I can't wait for the long days and the bright sun which causes all sorts of bugs to hatch. This then gives you what is without a doubt the purest form of fly fishing, dry fly. Nothing in our game even comes close to watching a fish come up and gently sip your offering from the surface. Still a few months away yet though....

As it's my last week of uni holidays I have put a bit of effort in. The Waikato river was attacked with the switch rod and a couple of small bows were a nice surprise. I was also snapped off by some bohemoth fish that may well have been a Taniwha. My mate Josh and I also fished the same little stillwater I've been trying to work out and managed to land quite a few. One more day of filming and I will be able to start production on a new video.

Until then, here is an entertaining clip which shows just how unpredictable fishing really is... Enjoy. Classic reactions too.

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