Friday, 6 July 2012

Winter Bugs (not the kind that make you sick)

It is cold. It is very cold. It is the kind of cold that makes you want to go all grizzly bear and crawl into a hole and sleep until it gets warm again. Unfortunately, we are not as awesome as bears so we have to spend the winter actually doing stuff.

On the plus side, winter is a great time to fly fish. Fish hang around the colder edges of lakes and they head back down the bigger rivers. Fish do feed less often in the winter however they still feed and with more food in the water right now that one would think, the idea of having to endure another winter becomes a little more bearable. (<PUN)

Anyway, the smaller lakes have been fishing very well and throwing nymphs around if your standard baitfish patterns aren't working can be very productive especially if the fish are visibly feeding. I recently read an interesting article (can't remember for the life of me where) which suggested that winter is a time when our waterways are perhaps most rich with aquatic insect life. We just don't see anything resembling surface hatches due to the insects life cycle stages at this time. Makes sense and was interesting reading for sure.

As far as my activities go I have been checking out a little stillwater from time to time and getting a good fish or two out of it. Compiling more and more video footage so hopefully a new production can go in the works soon. 

Also, I got myself a new Scott 8wt so I am dead keen to go give that a thrashing somewhere. Have only given it a little bit of a cast so far but I was really impressed with that. However, it is not until that you land a fish with a rod you can truly say you have tested it so it shall be 'put to the test' in a couple of days time!

I'll leave you with an all time favourite Fly Fishing film trailer of mine. The 'trout bum' lifestyle is one of the coolest things ever and through fly fishing people are able to experience culture, nature and generally different stuff than the average person would experience. And they have a bloody awesome time doing it! 

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